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Trump says he regrets comments that may have caused pain

For the first time since declaring his presidential run, Republican Donald Trump acknowledged that his caustic comments may have caused people pain, saying that he regrets some of what he's said "in the heat of debate." A day after announcing a campaign shake-up and as he trails in the . . . ..........Read full article

Electronic Marlboro Cigarette invade the Japan market

"Marlboro cigarette maker Philip Morris group (Philip Morris) recently announced, its electronic cigarette products has quickly occupied 3% of total sales in the tobacco industry in Japan, inroads into Japan tobacco market.Philip Morris group spokesman said that the company's . . . ..........Read full article

Love and Newport cigarette

Love is like a Newport cigarette. When you start smoking, light tobacco incense diffuse around you, let you go. But when you suck half of the time, you found that you fell in love with it, can not leave it. Finally, when the only cigarette when exhaustion finally a tobacco, disregard . . . ..........Read full article

Lonely Marlboro cigarette

A person in the corner, even lonely all laugh too degenerate; point a Marlboro cigarette, burning lonely.The flickering beat the long night, the lonely burning fingers of smoke and you almost far my illusion, touching the face of my sight, time in condensate heart in cooling, love the bane of . . . ..........Read full article

You’d better not to smoke when drinking

You’d better not to smoke when drinking There are people who always like to drink when they do not stop smoking, in fact, this is a more harmful than the bad habits of drinking or smoking more harmful to health. Recent studies have proved that regardless of Marlboro cigarette harm people, at . . . ..........Read full article

The relationship between quit smoking and arrhythmia

The harm of smoking to health is usually shown only after a few years of smoking. And smoking---Newport cigarette can cause respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer, easy to be understood, and smoking can cause cardiovascular disease, it is often not valued. After . . . ..........Read full article

Female smokers

More and more women to join the smokers team, the Shanghai women's rehabilitation professional committee of the city 2029 women smokers survey showed that more than 60% of women said that because of their own career and emotional confusion and borrow "smoke" drowning, although there are more than 95 . . . ..........Read full article

Children smoking

Marriage and family experts said that the child smoking and improper education models are inseparable, especially the children of the following three families.The first one: parents smoking. Especially mothers smoke Newport cigarette, of which many mothers is successful, although and . . . ..........Read full article

Quit smoking needs psychological support

The dangers of Newport cigarette can not be argued. It is the chief culprit of lung cancer. Early studies have indicated that smoking 20 cigarettes per day, smoking for more than 20 years of age, the risk of lung cancer will increase by 20 times. About smoking and lung cancer, to . . . ..........Read full article

The truth of woman cigarette

A mention of quitting smoking, a lot of people will naturally associate to the male, but the number of female smokers and a lot of. Many women prefer to have a Marlboro cigarette, a taste of mint, a taste of fruit, a taste of chocolate, a taste of honey, or a mild type of cigarette. . . . ..........Read full article

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