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How to destroy the fake Newport cigarette?

The tobacco as the front end product of cigarette industry chain, it is also an indispensable raw material for cigarette production. To prevent cigarette raw materials into dens, to combat counterfeiting behavior from the source, the importance of self-evident monopoly management work.Instead, in order to fully destroy Newport cigarette counterfeiting and selling network.Bai Ming told reporters that this special action is the goal of improving tobacco counterfeiting multi sectoral joint working mechanism, close and key areas of fake tobacco producing fake cooperation, strengthen tobacco purchase management supervision, destroyed a number of illegal tobacco's criminal gangs, counterfeiting efforts to cut the raw material supply chain, from the source to curb counterfeit cigarettes rebound.
How to achieve this goal? According to Bai Ming introduction, this special action has four aspects of the focus in the task.
First, to strengthen the supervision and regulation of tobacco leaf.
All localities should conscientiously implement the requirements of the National Bureau of tobacco leaf acquisition of the red line, and resolutely safeguard the seriousness of the plant acquisition plan, strictly according to the planned organization of tobacco acquisition, to ensure the orderly development of the work of tobacco acquisition."Bai Ming said, will organize and carry out routine inspections of Newport cigarette purchase order, to fully grasp the dynamic investigation of tobacco purchase, private illegal acquisition of tobacco trafficking behavior, reduce the source of tobacco raw materials illegal business activities; a serious investigation of complaints information, expand the information channels, timely find illegal tobacco activities clues, investigate illegal trafficking of tobacco purchase behavior.
Second, strengthen key areas of regulation.
Specifically, to make efforts in the following three aspects: strengthen the analysis of raw tobacco illicit trafficking in the path of the main channel of the illegal transportation of tobacco being dispatched, logistics and transport links to increase efforts to investigate the transnational tobacco smuggling problem; attaches great importance to Guangxi, Yunnan, to strengthen the closure of tobacco leaves exit channel, cut off the source of raw materials outside the dens closely; pay attention to tobacco illegal business evolvement, intensify the fight against illegal processing tobacco and tobacco activities.
Third, the establishment of comprehensive management mechanism.
All localities should be under the jurisdiction of the number of Newport Cigarette planting areas, traffic conditions, historical cases, to determine the high incidence of illegal operation of tobacco areas, to carry out the focus of remediation, long-term governance approach to study.In this regard, Bai Ming proposed to learn from Yunnan Kunming camp "leadership of the government, relying on the community comprehensive management, to further promote and create a harmonious working mode, with the actual situation, fully mobilize all forces, effectively illegal business activities of the tobacco squeeze the living space, the formation of illegal activities involving smoke prevention system.