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New Clinton ad hits back at Trump over ‘deplorables’ attack

A day after Donald Trump passionately attacked Hillary Clinton’s assertion that half of his supporters fall into a “basket of deplorables,” the Democratic nominee’s campaign is hitting back with a new ad using his own comments about Americans to attack him.
The one-minute ad, published online late Monday, begins with a clip of Trump blasting Clinton at a rally in Baltimore earlier in the day. “You can’t lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for its citizens,” Trump said of Clinton’s comments, which she partially walked back over the weekend.
The ad quickly pivots to a compilation of Trump soundbites from the campaign trail, including his criticism of his GOP rivals’ supporters (“How stupid are the people of this country?”); his questioning of the fact that an American-born federal judge of Mexican descent was adjudicating a lawsuit against Trump University (“We’re building a wall — he’s a Mexican”); his attempt to reach out to African-American voters (“You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. What the hell do you have to lose?”); and his comments about Rosie O’Donnell (“She’s a disgusting pig”).
The ad, which will run as part of the Clinton campaign’s cable television spots this fall, was released hours after Trump declared that the former secretary’s characterization of his supporters should disqualify her from seeking the presidency.
“The disdain that Hillary Clinton expressed towards millions of decent Americans disqualifies her from public service,” Trump said at the Baltimore rally. “You cannot run for president if you have such contempt in your heart for the American voter. You can’t lead this nation if you have such a low opinion of its citizens.”
Trump added: “If Hillary Clinton will not retract her comments in full, then I don’t see how she can credibly campaign.”